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Connie's goal is and always has been to exceed her client’s highest expectations. One of her main priorities is to first establish a clear understanding of what her client wants. Communication can insure the best-desired outcome. Connie is our resident expert on hair extensions, beaded braids, and corn rows. She is also a whiz with the latest styles including fauxhawks, the inverted bob, incredible updos, and funky colors.

Connie can fix that color that didn't turn out the way you had anticipated. She is an excellent communicator, informing clients of all their options and needs of their hair type and teaching techniques to maintain and work with their style at home.

With two of her own she demonstrates a natural patience with children and understanding their needs, takes the time to explain step by step the hair cutting process to a young child new to the haircutting experience.

Hip Snips is happy to recommend Connie, another of our experienced team of stylists, and we are proud to introduce all her loyal clientele to our trendy, upbeat salon.

CONNIE 519 735 1111