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1614 Lesperance Rd. Tecumseh, ON. N8N1Y3
(Lesperance and E.C. Row)
Womens Services
Haircut $31.95 Includes: shampoo, cut and style
Blow Dry only
+$10 flat iron/curls/rollers/extra time
Cut w/ Quick Foil $61.95 Includes: 10 foil hilites/lowlites, placed by your choice or stylist's recommendation Extra foils $7 each
Punk Colours +$15.00/streak
Foil Hilites $94.95 and up. Includes: cut and style and up
Foil Hilites Only $87.95 and up. Includes: Fluff Dry.
Root Touch-Up $59.95 Includes: Fluff Dry.
Colour w/ Cut & Style $80.00 +up
Hair Feathers 2 for $12
Perm $83.00 and up. Includes: cut & style.
Spiral Perm $169.95+ Includes: cut & style.
Relaxer(No Lye) $69.95+ Includes: cut & style
Hair Tinseling $15 for 6 or $3 each
Halo Extentions: Long full hair in seconds. Blending and sizing $20 with Halo purchase.

Hair Sewn On Easy To Use Clips $60 + $1 per clip
Brow Waxing $9.50
Lip Waxing $7.50
Chin Waxing $11.50
Between the Brow Waxing $2.00
Full Face Waxing $25.00
Conditioning Treatment $25.00 w/ Hair Service $15
Party Hair - Curls $35 and up.
Party Hair - Up Do's $45 and up.
Make-up Application $30
Braids $15.00 $8 w/ hair service
Mens Services
Buzzcut $11.95
Haircut $18.95 Includes: shampoo, cut and style
Beard Trim Only $9.95
Grey Blending $35 Includes: cut and style
Cut w/ Hilites $35.95 Short clippered hair
Cut w/ 10 Foils $48.95
Cut w/ Colour $58.95
Bang Trim $7.95
Kids Services
Baby's 1st Haircut $13.95 Under 24 mos.Includes: certificate & lock of hair
Boys Cut(0-12yrs old) $14.95 Includes: shampoo, cut, style w/ coloured hair gel
Girls Cut(up to 10yrs old) $16.95 Includes: shampoo, cut, style w/ bead braid or hair chalk.
Girls Cut(11-14yrs old) $21.95 Includes: shampoo, cut, full style w/ quick flat iron
Coloured Hair Extentions $10 each extention

Hip Snips Esthetics

Manicure                                                                                                     $19.95

                Warm soak, nail file, cuticle care, relaxing massage, and polish

                ADD Paraffin + $8

Manicure with Shellac                                                                                   $29.95

Shellac only with nail shaping                                                                        $19.95

Shellac removal with re-application                                                                 $22.95

Shellac removal and coat of Nail Envy                                                             $6.95

Kids Manicure   (under 13)                                                                             $9.95

        Soak, file, polish

               Polish only  $6.95

Adult Polish only                                                                                          $9.95

Nail designs                                                                                                $4.95

Spa hand treatment                                                                                     $17.95

                File, arm and hand massage, paraffin treatment, + clear polish

Combo Mani/Pedi                                                                                        $44.95

Shellac Mani/Pedi                                                                                       $54.95

                Shellac polish for fingernails

Kids Mani/Pedi (under 13)                                                                          $25.95

Hip Snips Waxing 

Underarm                                                                                                $19.95

Full arm                                                                                                  $24.95

┬ŻArm                                                                                                     $19.95

Full leg                                                                                                   $49.95

┬ŻLeg                                                                                                      $34.95

Chest                                                                                                     $21.95

Back and shoulder                                                                                           $49.95

Price List is a general guideline. All services are subject to extra charges for extra time due to long and thick hair and where extra product is required. Tax Not Included